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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 Techniques to Tease a Woman in the Bedroom

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Men know how important teasing is, but only few know how it’s done. In reality, it is actually really easy only if they understand how it should work. Nonetheless, when it comes to teasing, there are tons of things that a man can do and multiple areas he can delve into.

One way to understand this is to recognize how women love to be dominated, according to Gold Coasts Escorts. Yes, they want men to prey on them – eat them. Anyway, there are several layers of teasing that you, as a man, must explore if you truly desire to excite your lady in the bedroom.

Below are three techniques that work like a charm. Use them, as they guarantee your woman to have an orgasm. Welcome to the art of teasing!

Try to Bite Her Lip Gently

When both of your clothes are still on and you’re kissing in the bedroom, try to bite her bottom lip – slowly and gently. Hold on it for a couple of seconds, and remember: the softer you can do this, the more passionate it will feel for her. As a result, the more turned on she will become.

Make Love to Her Earlobes and Neck

A woman’s neck and earlobes are sensitive, and they feel a chilling sensation every time a man tries to own these spots. Move from her lips toward her cheek, and then onto her earlobes and neck. You either lick or kiss (or both) them. The earlobes, particularly, are quite sensitive; thus spend a minute or two before going down on her.

Tickle Her Back

While you’re kissing her, use both of your hands to tickle her back (over her clothes). After which, put your hands directly under her top. Lightly scratch her back (upwards and downwards) while kissing her. It will surely make her shiver a bit.

Moreover, you can gently and slowly unclasp her bra with either hand. Tip: Do it with one hand, as it is much better. For women, this is a plus.

Teasing is an art that men should try to learn, as it drives women wild and crazy. But, of course, you can always do this with a little help from Gold Coast Escorts. Those pretty ladies are up for the job!

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