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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 Real-World, Must-Read Tips for First-Time Sex

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Like anything else in life, there can be a lot of pressure leading up to the first time you have – sex! Whether you’ve chosen to wait for a particular reason, or you’re just trying to get it over as soon as possible, the first time any person has sex can be very awkward! Yes, even celebrities have their stories of fumbling their first-time sex! Here’s a look at a couple of real-world, must-read tips for first-time sex.

You Don’t Have to Tell Someone it’s Your First Time, But You Might Want to

Whether you’ve already slept with 50 people, or none, that’s your business, as no new partner deserves a full report on your sexual history. I repeat, no one is entitled to your “number”. But then again, if it’s not your first time to go shagging, I guess you need not worry about revealing anything erotic to your girlfriend, or lovely Gold Coast Escorts!

But if you tell someone you’ve never had sex before, and they freak out, then they are probably not the person you want to be with anyway, or she’s not the girl you wanted to go shagging for the very first time!

Know That Sex Should Never Hurt

Many ladies believe that the first time they have sex it will be painful. But while it might be a little uncomfortable and awkward, it really should not be painful. But if lube doesn’t work, perhaps the lady might want to consult with a doctor to determine if she has vaginismus, which is a medical condition where there’s involuntary tightness of the vagina during sex.

Remember Not to Compare Your Experience With Anyone Else’s

Not only should you temper your expectations going into having sex for the very first time, but you should also keep in mind that when you’re looking back on the experience later, don’t beat yourself up about it!

But while it would be better not to compare you sexual experiences with anyone else, don’t feel bad about sharing that experience with the person as long as you had consensual, enthusiastic fun in the moment.

Yes, it perfectly normal to cringe thinking about past sexual experiences, because that’s part of the fun. But then again, I bet you never had any dull, or dreary, erotic experiences with ladies like the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts!


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