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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 Quite Extreme Sex Positions That Are Not Actually That Hard to Do

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Gold Coast Escorts

Are you like the growing number of people today who are looking for ways to make their sex life more exciting? Well, the truth is that spicing up your sex life need not include elaborate role-playing scenarios or buying lots of sex toys. In fact, a simple change, like trying out a new position can do the trick! Here’s a look at 3 quite extreme sex positions that are not actually that hard to do.

The Washing Machine

If you want to ramp up the fun and excitement in bed, to the delight of ladies as hot and sizzling as the Gold Coast Escorts, perhaps you could add a sex position called The Washing Machine to your erotic repertoire!

Just like in the movies where one partner has both legs wrapped around the other partner while they’re having sex standing up, perhaps you could tweak this by having one partner sit on something fairly high like a washing machine, while the other person  stands in front of them. This allows the seated individual to easily wrap their legs around their partner’s torso!

The Altered Wedge

The Wedge is a position that doesn’t require much core strength, especially for the receiving partner. To do this, have your partner lie down on a cushion or couch so she’s at about the same height as your pelvic area. Instead of resting on your partner’s thighs, pull your partner’s knees up over your shoulders. This sex positions works best for couples who might have already gained a few extra pounds.

The Crab

Just like the good old elementary school crab walk, you and your partner could also try The Crab in bed! To start, one partner lays flat on the bed, while the other one sits on top. The partner on top extends backwards, until they are almost lying on their back.

This sex position, according to a number of sex experts, is wonderful because it offers greater stimulation to your girlfriend, or the lovely Gold Coast Escorts’ G-spot. Plus, if one of you has mobility issues, it takes pressure off your knees!

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