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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 Possible Reasons Why Some People Feel Sad After Sex

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We all know that sex is meant to be fun, exciting and adrenaline-rushing. But then again, why do some people feel so sad, and so melancholic, even after they had the best of their lives? Well, the doctors say that it’s not just PCD, or post-coital dysphoria that’s to blame, for there are other factors, or possible reasons, why some people feel so sad after shagging. Let’s check out a few of the many possible reasons.

Some People Find Sex Triggering

Do you feel sad, or listless, even after enjoying a round or two, or even more, of great erotic activity with ladies and hot and sexy as the Gold Coast Escorts? I certainly do not think so! Well, if you’re a survivor of sexual assault, or some other traumatic event, you could find sex triggering, or even outright depressing!

According to sex and mental health experts, if a person’s sexual history is traumatic, this can affect him or her even during healthy sexual encounters. It could be so because the individual may have not yet come into terms with his or her own feelings towards sex after the incident.

Socialization May Be an Issue

It’s a sad truth that many of us don’t grow up in sex-positive environments, and many of us are also brought up being taught that sex is shameful. Whether you are brought up in a religion or society that discourages sexual activity, or you are just raised to think that people who have sex are “dirty” or “slutty”, you could internalize these sentiments, even if you don’t believe them!

It May Be a Hormonal Shift

Although health experts may have not yet determined what causes PCD and other conditions that may cause people to feel sad or lonely after having sex, some health experts suggest that it could be a hormonal shift.

It’s because during sex, we have higher levels of dopamine than average, and to combat this, the body releases the hormone prolactin, after sex. However, a study conducted by Tufts University in the US points out that this sudden drop in dopamine could be linked to PCD!

But then again, if you’re perfectly normal, and you don’t feel sad or melancholy after sex, why don’t you continue having more fun times in bed with ladies like the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts!

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