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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 of the Top Compliments That Ladies Just Can’t Resist

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Looking for a great way to catch a romantic partner? (Or hookup date?) Perhaps you should first learn how to compliment her! According to relationship and dating experts, complimenting a lady you’re either romantically interested (Or interested in hooking up with) can sometimes be a tricky business, as you don’t want your compliments to sound foolish, disingenuous or hollow (Or sound like a pathetic attempt to get in her panties). Here’s a look at a few of the top compliments that ladies just can’t resist.

You’re Good at what You Do”
Whatever your romantic prospect or date (Or even your preferred Gold Coast Escorts) does in terms of her career, hobbies or side hustles and activities, she’s somehow bound to want to be noticed for her skills and talents.

Thus, pay attention to the craft that matters most to her, like give a very meaningful compliment about her art or sporting prowess. Thus, a compliment like this will set you apart from the rest, and will certainly make her warm, fuzzy and very interested in you!

“You’re Not Like Everyone Else”
This compliment is definitely not the same as saying “You’re not like the other girls”, which can be misconstrued as thinly-veiled sexism, as it contains the assumption that being like most girls is a bad thing, and it may also indicate that you have certain negative stereotypes about women.

However, when you say “You’re not like everyone else”, it would sound like a refreshingly lovely thing to hear, especially for people of all genders. The compliment also acknowledges your girlfriend or date’s unique personality quirks, and it also reassures her that you find them endearing rather than weird, or obnoxious.

You’ve Got Such Nice Eyes/Lips/Teeth/Hair”
While telling a woman that she’s beautiful will usually be well-received, it can sound so generic, and may sound so hollow too! But by going a step further, by pinpointing or isolating her best features and specifically complimenting her in a non-creepy way, you’ll be sure to win her heart (Or get her in bed quickly!)

And the more specific your compliments are, the better will they be because it shows that you’re paying attention. Just don’t focus on your romantic date, or your favourite Gold Coast Escorts’ more crude, or more sexual body parts (Like the boobs or ass), unless you have an established relationship with her!

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