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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 More Fascinating Sex Facts That Many People Probably Didn’t Know

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Whether it’s good or bad, nice or nasty, everyone will have a strong opinion about such topics like sex. For example, how much sex should we, or should we not, be having, or how should we be doing it, are but a few of the many contentious issues about sex. Here are a couple more fascinating sex facts that many people in these fast-paced, high-tech times still probably don’t know.

The Clitoris Has a Unique Expansive System

Most guys today think that the clitoris is only the visible bulging clitoral hood and the Glans,  which is at the apex of most vaginas. However, the good thing is that new studies have been dedicated to better understanding the anatomy structure, and some of that includes the most inclusive research about the clitoris. I hope these studies give you a better understanding of your hookup buddy, or lovely Gold Coast Escorts’ anatomy!

Yes, the clitoris actually refers to an entire, larger sexual organ that is mostly internal. In fact, the scientists did not even study the stimulated clitoris in its entirety, until 2009! Understanding the clitoris, and perhaps even the entire vaginal structure, can help both men and women to be more knowledgeable about their sexual and reproductive health, as well as to help them pinpoint the spots that are truly pleasurable!

Masturbation is Natural, and Starts Earlier Than You Think

If you think that jerking off is an abnormal activity, think again. In fact, health and sex experts stress that masturbation is totally normal and natural to engage in, and it also starts earlier than you probably knew.

In fact, a report published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has suggested that masturbation is something that fetuses as early as 23 weeks have engaged in! And of course, self-exploration is also a very common act that offers a lot of health benefits too!

Scent Plays a Major Role in Attraction

While the five senses all have a major role to play in how we engage in sex, smell is especially important, because a study has found that women have been found to actually be able to smell out their partner’s MHC, or Major Histocompatibility Complex, which are those genes that your body, as well as that of your girlfriend, or favourite Gold Coast Escorts’ body’s immune system works, and it also plays a major role in susceptibility to illnesses and infections!

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