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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 Cool Ways to Make Foreplay Your Favourite Part of Sex

Gold Coast Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts

If you still think that foreplay is just that very short window of time it takes to get your clothes off before sex, think again. In fact, foreplay isn’t just something that you have to get through to get the person into the mood, because it takes some work! (Although it’s the fun kind of work!) Here’s a look at a couple of cool ways to make foreplay your favourite part of sex.

Slow Down

According to sex experts, the average sexual act lasts only 7 to 12 minutes, which means that if you stay active for just 7-12 minutes, then you are definitely not spending enough time on foreplay! But I guess when you’re dating ladies as hot and sizzling as the Gold Coast Escorts, you’d want to spend more time in bed with them, thus you’d going to be up and ready to do more foreplay!

While orgasms are certainly great, that is not what sex is all about! Sometimes our bodies just can’t get there, often due to a lack of foreplay, because we’re just so focused on getting an orgasm! And when we talk about focusing on foreplay, it’s more of slowing down and paying attention to yourself and the other person!

Be Really Aware of Your Fingers

Many sex acts involve the hands, but that’s only if you know how to use them! The good thing is that you need not learn any new tricks to get better at touching someone, because all you need to do is to pay attention to what’s happening, and playing around with touch is the way to go!

Go Through the Nose

When I say “go through the nose” I didn’t mean that you do it in the nose, but instead what I meant was that you should invest in some of those fancy scented oils, because awakening our arousal mechanism does not happen in the genitals, but in the limbic brain, which is co-located with olfactory where our sense of smell is processed.

So, whenever you get intimate with a hookup buddy, or even with the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts, make sure you light up those scented candles, and take out those scented massage oils, if only to quickly help turn you on and your partner!

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