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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 Clear Signs You’re Letting Your Old Relationship Hold You Back

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Some people say that one of the best ways to get over an old relationship is to get into a new one, even if it’s just an illusion that one of the lovely babes with Gold Coast Escorts helps build. While new love can ease the pain from the old love lost, you might find that you still obsess over the latter. The thing is, it can happen to anyone.

So how can you tell if your old relationship is interfering with or holding back your new one? Here are some signs to look out for.

1. You imagine bumping into your ex. Do you dream up circumstances where you run into your ex while you’re out, and even go so far as to imagine holding happy and relaxed conversations with her? You may well still be in love with her.

This is especially true if you imagine scenarios where you have to spend time together, maybe because of work or while on holiday, and then end up falling back in love with each other.

2. You talk about her. It’s fine to bring her up in conversation every now and again, perhaps as an example or because you’re talking about past experiences. However, if you bring her up every chance you get, or find a way to twist the conversation towards her, then you have a problem. Someone else bringing her up in the conversation is fine, but if that person is usually you, you’re obviously still fixated on her.

3. You’re nursing a vendetta. What is the real reason you started dating again? Did you begin a relationship with someone new just to prove a point to your ex? Are you trying to show her up by jumping into a relationship with someone who’s as hot or is hotter than your previous partner?

When this kind of thinking fuels your hunt for the next relationship, it’s a clear sign your ex hurt you and you’re not ready to move on.

As you can probably guess, obsessing over your ex is a good way to ruin a new relationship, so before you do jump into a new one, make sure you take the time you need to heal. If you need some company for you to do that, just browse the gallery at Gold Coast Escorts. You’re sure to find the perfect courtesan to help you out.

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