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Gold Coast Escort – Food Items That Are Luscious, But Are Bad For Your Libido

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Are you planning something hot and raunchy tonight? Well, if you are, here’s one helpful reminder – steer clear of the pasta (and a couple of other food items) According to a noted marriage, family and sex therapist, some food items may be very tasty, and too tempting, but they’re bad for your libido. While there are foods that act as aphrodisiacs, some do nothing but kill the mood for sex. Here’s a list of couple of food items that you should not eat, before you start romping off in bed.


Who hates mopping off blueberry cheesecakes, or cookies and other sweet stuff? Yeah sweet, sugary foods are really tasty, but according to sex experts, they make you crash and burn, or bloated, and too full enough to have sex. So if you’re planning to call your lovely Gold Coast Escort for one hot, sleazy night out, better steer clear of the sweet stuff.


The Japanese, as well as the Koreans, often served soy for centuries, as tofu and other tasty stuff. However, many Japanese wives give large servings of tofu to their husbands, to prevent them from being unfaithful to them.

A couple of studies have also shown that soy can considerably reduce a man’s libido. This is perhaps due to the large estrogenic properties of soy’s isoflavones, which cause testosterone levels, and sexual desire, to drop.


Spaghetti, Carbonara and other pasta dishes may truly be delectable, but they can wreck your sexual appetite. According to some health experts, large carbohydrate-rich meals like spaghetti can lead to an insulin spike, which can make the person feel bloated and tired, and can thus kill the mood.


Everyone knows that beans are tasty, nutritious food items (although they’re bad for people who have arthritis). These are fibre and antioxidant-rich, and help the person maintain a healthy weight. But they’re not nice to eat before sex.

It’s because beans have gas-causing abilities, and they contain indigestible sugars too, which are good for the colon but make a person feel so bloated. When the sugars reach the stomach, and they react with floating stools, then they’ll make one’s stomach feel so full that the guy or girl would rather wish there was a toilet in the midst!


If you’re going out for dinner with your lovely Gold Coast Escort, please stay away from the cheese, especially if you plan to do something else afterward!  If the cheese is sourced form cow’s milk, it could be loaded with lots of synthetic hormones, and it can potentially wreck your body’s natural way of producing hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.

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