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Dating a Highly Sensitive Girl – Top 4 Things to Remember

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You may have read somewhere before that highly sensitive people can be the most caring, passionate lovers, thanks to their being highly attuned to others around them. A few of the Gold Coast escorts you see online now and then could be very sensitive since they know just what to do and say to help their clients relax and enjoy themselves.

Now, some other people may believe that being highly sensitive means that person is weak – but that’s not true. It simply means highly sensitive people are exposed to more stimuli than others, which can be overwhelming. If you find yourself dating one, you’ll need to be prepared for a roller coaster of a relationship. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can navigate it better.

1. She can be moody. Since she’s so empathetic, she’ll be affected by the moods or the emotions of those around her, so don’t be surprised if she has a mood swing or two in a day. For her, it’s normal to start the day feeling wonderful and then have her mood take a turn for the worse thanks to dealing with, say, a rude cashier. Often, these mood swings aren’t your fault, but are caused by her day-to-day environment.

2. She’ll be more prone to crying. Highly sensitive people are more likely to have emotional reactions to various events – and bringing out the waterworks is high on that list of possible reactions. She’ll likely have a hard time keeping a straight face when she feels stressed or hurt. That said, crying is the most obvious way for her to release the emotions that have built up.

3. She’s her own worst critic. For someone who’s so sympathetic and ready to forgive others, she can be more than a little hard on herself when she does something wrong. Somehow, extremely sensitive people aim for perfection in whatever they do, so make sure you counter her self-deprecation by reminding her of her achievements and how great a person she is.

4. People are drawn to her. Highly sensitive people have a certain aura about them that attracts others and somehow encourages them to talk about their problems or ask for advice. Plus, your highly sensitive girlfriend is likely a great listener and, since she’s able to empathise so well, can give very good advice. She won’t say anything just to have something to say. Besides, she’ll really want to help.

That’s why it’s important that you remind her to take some time for herself, so she doesn’t blaze through her emotional reserves.

Given how in-tune highly sensitive people are to others and their surroundings, it’s no wonder they need more alone time than their peers – so again, don’t take it personally. Be as understanding and patient as you can be, and even if she doesn’t quite resemble one of the Gold Coast escorts you see online now and then, you’ll love how appreciative she’ll be to have you as her partner.

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