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Alcoholic Drinks, And Their Varying Effects On Your Sexual Performance

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Most people (especially the ones who drink beer or whisky) agree that they usually get horny when they drink. So if whiskey makes you frisky, tequila makes you black out, and gin makes you sin, here’s what the health and sex experts say about the varying effects of alcoholic drinks on your overall sexual performance.

Champagne Puts The Right Amount Of Alcohol In Your System
Most guys or girls would feel fairly wuzzy after gulping 2 or 3 glasses of champagne. However, sex experts believe that this amount is perfect for your sex life, because that’s the right amount of alcohol to have in your system! So, start sharing a bottle of champagne with your romantic partner, or favourite Gold Coast Escorts, now!

In addition, guys have been found to be easily aroused by scents like caramel, lavender, orange and vanilla, which surprisingly are commonly found in a bottle of fine champagne.

Wine Goes Hand In Hand, With Sex
According to a 2009 Italian study, women who drank red wine in moderation were two or three times hornier than their counterparts who drank other alcoholic beverages, or none at all. Women have also been known to be easily turned on by the aromas present in wine, which are described as earthy, woody or musky. Thus, wine and sex truly go hand in hand!

Whiskey Can Make You Unsexy In The Morning
While many guys would agree that whiskey is delicious, it’s notorious for causing horrible hangovers. It’s because whiskey normally contains byproducts of the fermentation and distillation process, which are called “congeners”. Thus, if you drink more than one shot or mixed drink of whisky, prepare to look and feel so unsexy in the morning!

Beer Can Make You Slow And Clumsy
Beer is considered light on alcohol, and this explains why we often tend to drink more than what we can handle. While some sex experts say that beer can make you better in bed (if you drink the right amount), most often it will leave you bloated, sleepy and too drunk to function in bed!

Apart from the obvious physiological effects of alcohol, it’s also known to hold the power of suggestion, and this explains why guys and girls who drink either feel angry, emotional or sleazy when they drink. So grab that whiskey or beer now, and start partying with your hookup partner, or lovely Gold Coast Escorts!

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