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5 Ways to Perform Better and Last Longer in Bed

Lasting longer in bed is not only important to you, but to her as well. Doing so can guarantee a pleasurable and unforgettable sex, according to Gold Coast Escorts. So if you want to turn the tide, then ensure that you can last longer than the night before. And if you want to know how, keep in mind that it’s not easy. The road is quite long and tiring – but of course, once you arrive there, you’ll surely reap a better tomorrow.

Below are sex moves that will help you delay ejaculation, giving her the best sex experience possible! Read on.

Masturbate On a Regular Basis

If you haven’t ejaculated for a while, maybe few days or weeks, then it will definitely be a task for you to hold when you are having sex. Spend some time with yourself and pleasure yourself. There is nothing wrong if you masturbate when you are married or in a serious relationship. This helps, when you are horny while having sex and it helps you to control.

Control Ejaculation When Masturbating

Do not rush while you masturbate. Take time with your little soldier, watch something naughty (porn) or talk dirty to your girl over the phone, while masturbating. Every time you think you are about to ejaculate, hold back and think about something else. The more you practice holding back, the easier it will be for you to last longer in bed.

Masturbate Before Having Sex

As mentioned above, masturbating plays a significant role. So, if this is the case, use it to your advantage. Have a small session with yourself couple of hours before having sex. Be very quick about this so that you hardly even notice a significant ejaculation.

Do Some Workouts

Workout every day for an hour or so, it increases your blood flow and makes you fitter. Another thing that you can try is Kegel exercise. This exercise focuses on your pelvic muscles. When you contract and relax your muscles around your pelvis, the pubococcygeus muscle of your pelvis get stronger over time. The interesting part is, it can help you get rock hard erection and gives you better control to last longer.

Dictate Your Sex Life

When you are having sex, remember the one on top has the control. So it’s simple spend more time on top of your partner. When you are in charge, you can decide your pace or stop when you think you are about to ejaculate.
These tips are proven to really make you last longer in bed. It’s only a matter of how you intend to faithful with them. And once you’re doing it, say, on a regular basis, book a girl from Gold Coast Escorts. Spend the night with her and see if you’re able to last longer.

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