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4 Essential Etiquette Tips Clients Should Have – Gold Coast Escorts

To make the best first impression as a client, you need to follow proper etiquette in approaching these high end ladies. It’s not a secret that Gold Coast, the so-called city of seduction, is home to some of the hottest, and highly reviewed professional escorts in the world.

Sexy Gold Coast EscortsIndependent, modern-day courtesans in the metro provide the most sought-after services in Australia men just can’t get enough of. Gold Coast Escorts choose their clients according to how they approach. Here are four tips to maximise your potential for satisfaction.

  1. Courtesy and respect

Even though you paid for an escort’s time, be considerate of her experience too. Treating your lovely vixen with respect and courtesy will be greatly rewarded (during performance, of course). You can ask if she’s comfortable, or offer her music. Doing so gives her even more reasons to ensure that your time with her will be unforgettable.

  1. Communication

Escorts also want to be sure that you’re having a good time. Communicate to her directly about what you want – girlfriend experience, costumes, or other services. Discuss your fantasies with her, such as the roles you want to play. Whether its teacher-student, or nurse-patient, tell her what you want to happen. Most escorts would want this set up.

  1. Behave positively

Be a genuine gentleman who knows his good manners. Never go to your appointment if you’re drunk or high. Escorts will automatically call off the appointment in these situations. Being demanding may also ruin the encounter, for it may make your escort uncomfortable. Remember, if you act in a negative manner, it won’t work out well.

  1. Tip your escort well

Escorts are independent women who go for what they want. Being in the escorting industry is their way to make a living, so money is important. If you appreciate her performance and had a good time, then give her more than what’s expected. Another thing, once she knows you’re a good tipper, she’ll definitely raise the bar for her next performance.

Clients are encouraged to apply this code of behavior. Unless you want to be branded as a ‘bad client’, respectful treatment is required. If you follow these advises, expect to float way above the clouds with your Gold Coast Escorts – it all starts with a click of a button!



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