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3 Morning Sex Tips Men Should Always Have

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While sex can be enjoyed anytime of the day, sometimes, it’s best when done on mornings. According to Gold Coast Escorts, morning sex can be very pleasurable for women. Hence it’s best for men to give it a try every once in awhile. But of course, it’s not that easy to do, especially if you want to ensure her satisfaction. Nonetheless, below are morning sex tips you can try to give it all to her!

Don’t Rush Things

To enjoy sunrise sex, you have to chill out. For women to reach full levels of arousal, they need to be relaxed, like they should be when you have sex with her at night. This is most especially true that most of them are already think about day, worrying about getting up and out. Try to pull her out from that situation and make her body and mind relaxed. From there, give her the sweetest sex you can give.

Set Proper Hygiene Always

If your fears about bad odor or breath are killing the mood, then better straighten that out. Make sure you go straight to the bathroom and wash your mouth.  There’s no shame in keeping a tin of mints by the bed. Even a swig of water from a bottle on your nightstand can go a long way toward freshening up one’s breath—moist mouths collect less bacteria. Or, as long as you promise to hop right back in the sack, duck into the bathroom to brush your teeth or gargle mouthwash.

Help Her Get Into the Mood

With women’s testosterone levels peaking in the early hours of the day, it just kind of feels different for them. Men, on the other hand, are ready and equipped. But remember: Women don’t wake up with the same degree of obvious arousal. Nonetheless, the good news, is that her body’s chemistry is actually primed for morning sex too. High levels of testosterone increase sexual desire, and amped up amounts of oxytocin post-sex make her want to bond.

Well, looks like you have everything you need to pin that morning sex down. If you need more of these amazing tips, simply call Gold Coast Escorts.

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